Pakistani Art Master to Make Cultural Statement


Rahi’s paintings not only create a mood of innovating new forms and illusion of values but also open a vision of free expression with spontaneous use of brush strokes. His present day work titled ‘Resurrect Rock Series’ in color and black and white starts in USA. It makes a change of vision by entering into classical realism from the non-evocative abstraction.

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Mansoor Rahi
Address: Sector F-11, Islamabad, Pakistan
Contact No: 0333 111 111
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The above phases clearly define Mansoor Rahi's 52 years of work from his student life to the present day of 2009. These phases are a rare example of the artist's lifetime work of continuous research of innovative elements with the basic principles of exclusive self track. The most important significant of Rahi's track of evolution is the sustentations of his school of through throughout his career from 1957 to 2009.

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